November 22nd: Börn, Saktmóðigur, Kvöl @ Lucky Records

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Iceland Airwaves 2014

Here are the PBP/Ronja Records related shows at Airwaves:

Friday, November 7th at Iðnó. 20:00 (on-venue)

Wednesday, November 5th at Húrra. 19:10 (on-venue)Thursday, November 6th at Gaukurinn. 21:40 (on-venue)
Friday, November 7th at Dillon. 17:30 (off-venue)
Saturday, November 8th at Kex Hostel. 14:00 (off-venue)

Wednesday, November 5th at Gaukurinn. 19:10 (on-venue)
Thursday, November 6th at Loft Hostel. 16:15 (off-venue)
Thursday, November 6th at Bar 11. 17:30 (off-venue)
Saturday, November 8th at Bíó Paradís. 17:00 (off-venue)
Saturday, November 8th at Dillon. 18:15 (off-venue)
Saturday, November 8th at Frederikssen. 21:40 (off-venue)

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August 27th: BÖRN, KNIFE FIGHTS, BRÖTT BREKKA @ Gaukurinn

So, this show is happening on Wednesday. BÖRN have been playing a lot of shows lately to promote their LP, but after this show things are going to cool down a little bit, so they can focus on writing and recording an EP that’s gonna come out next spring. KNIFE FIGHTS play very 90’s sounding indie rock. They put out a great CD on PBP affiliates, Ronja Records. Check it out. BRÖTT BREKKA are a new band. 90’s math rock. Come see them.

More info here:


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KVÖL EP out!


Kvöl (previously known as Bömmer) just put out a new ep on PBP affiliated label Ronja. It was released on cassette and 3″cd-r and can be heard over here.

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July 25th: Börn and Kvöl @ Dillon

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PBP014: BÖRN – s/t LP

PBP014BÖRN (formerly known as NORN) are a punk band, influenced by various post-punk and death rock artists.

1. Friður í helvíti
2. Rotið eðli
3. Ef
4. Bara hrós
5. Holdfangin
6. Sviðin jörð
7. Auðn


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New BÖRN video

The band formerly known as NORN and currently known as BÖRN is releasing a record this summer on PBP. They made a video for one of the songs. Check it out.

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March 8th: Þórir Georg and Knife Fights @ Lucky Records

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March 1st: Blacklisted (US) @ Hellirinn








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January 8th: Drekka (USA), Kælan Mikla, Börn @ Dillon


Poster by Sólveig Matthildur Kristjánsdóttir (I think)

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